terça-feira, agosto 16, 2011

rock and roll is free if you want it

Dogs Die In Hot Cars

Somewhat Off The Way

O-o-oh, whoa-o-o-o-oh, O-o-oh, whoa-o-o-o-o-whoa
Were the teachers any good at it
Were they good at their jobs
It must be hard, can they handle it
When we become what they said we'd not

O-o-oh, whoa-o-o-o-oh, O-o-oh, whoa-o-o-o-o-whoa
Now we work and we pay for it
Doing any old chore
It makes money so we stick it through
And day to day
The days go by and by and by and by, well

I just don't want to die like a fool
I'm not
I'm somewhat off the way
I'm gonna
Do what I said I'd do at school
And be the one that says
This ain't so hard
And it's kinda cool'

When we look at the clock we know
How much longer we have
It's not the hours and the minutes that go
It's everything that we said
And it's gone are you glad

Now we're struggling to pay the bills
With the money we've got
And the world seems to frown on us
And we're learning more than we've ever learnt
And I like it a lot

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