sábado, fevereiro 07, 2009

walker entrevista rourke

Colocar um actor a entrevistar outro actor é uma bela ideia. Mais ainda quando se trata de Christopher Walker a entrevistar o seu amigo Mickey Rourke. Faz-me lembrar quando pus o 'Gato' Ricardo Araújo Pereira, a entrevistar o 'Python' Terry Jones, há coisa de um ano e pouco.

Mickey Rourke, by Christopher Walken
In Bob Dylan's memoir, Chronicles, Volume One, he recalls a trip to the movies he took in 1988 while recording his album Oh Mercy, when he went to see Mickey Rourke in Homeboy, a film about a small-time boxer whose passion and petulance prove self-destructive. Dylan offers this account of Rourke's performance in the film, which the actor, a former boxer himself, also had a hand in writing: "He could break your heart with a look. The movie traveled to the moon every time he came onto the screen. Nobody could hold a candle to him. He was just there, didn't have to say hello or goodbye."
Christopher Walken, who has known Rourke since their days at the Actors Studio in the mid-'70s, recently caught up with him in New York.

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